Britanico Online Conference 2021

Into the future:
what will the ‘new normal’ look like?

What a fantastic experience it was this afternoon. It was a great pleasure and a honour to be invited to deliver the opening plenary at this online conference to so many motivated teachers.

You can download a ‘lite’ version of my PPT here – saved as a a 20-page .pdf

You can download the one-page References and links page here:


Happy to answer any questions sent over by Carmen.

Huge thanks to the organisers and to Ricardo and everyone at OUP, who sponsored my attendance.

Suerte a todos.

May the next pisco sour be IRL (in real life) and not Virtual! Pete

Virtual Blended Learning: Making it real! ELTAI

It was a great pleasure to deliver this Webinar (08 / 11 / 2020)

Click here for the PPT saved as a pdf and the Handout with References and Further reading!

Looking forward to reading the Chat text with details of the various platforms used by participants.

Good luck to everyone and stay safe! Hope to see in face-to-face, in real life, one day…….

Beijing, China – March 2019

I really enjoyed my trip to Beijing earlier this month, for Warwick University. This was one of the spectacular buildings on the campus where I was working.

This next was probably my favourite building due to the amazing changing light around it!

I really enjoyed the teaching which was interspersed with some unbelievable meals!

I cannot wait to meet the students again next month for a lesson on reviewing vocabulary.


Technology-enhanced language learning – Lecture at Warwick University: pre-sessional

Kahoot! What an amazing experience to see the audience voting at the start of this plenary lecture earlier this week!

Great to talk about Alexa and developments in AI and voice-recognition….


As promised, here’s a one-page Handout with some of the Study ideas from the middle of this talk. Mouse over the links below and download 🙂


Plenary talk Follow up

Power Point

A few people have wondered if they could have access to the PPT – here is a .pdf version

plenary 2018 [Autosaved]

References – click to download


Thanks to everyone who attended!


ETp – Transforning Teaching

“We would like to move into blended learning” This comment was made after our workshop at the IATEFL Conference in Brighton in April this year. It is a sentiment we have often heard, along with several fears: What would such a move involve? How can we ensure the success of our course? This article addresses the challenges of changing from running purely face-to-face classes supported by technology to running a fully-fledged Blended Learning course.

Read the rest of this article – Transforming teaching – in the latest ETp Issue 117 July 2018

Pete Sharma and Barney Barrett



The ELTons…a night to celebrate!

What a FANTASTIC night it was….the ELTons. Enjoyed catching up with colleagues and friends from round the world. I even found myself alone in the room with a cameraman a mere 10 minutes before the ceremony started…spooky!

So many fantastic digital products to catch up on…..

Review of Best Practices for Blended Learning – EL Gazette

HUGE thanks to Wayne Trotman, reviewer extraordinaire’ for his recent review just published in the EL Gazette

Blending in
Wayne Trotman reviews a book outlining a sensible approach to blended or ‘flipped’ learning


“Implementing a BL course requires a framework and a platform, and the two chapters covering this area are perhaps the most enlightening in the whole book.”

“The authors have done superbly well to reduce what might appear to be a complicated area to one that even IT dunderheads such as myself could appreciate with ease.”

For the complete review, visit the EL Gazette: