LABCI Conference – Mexico City


What can I say about this incredible conference that hasn’t been said before?

Amazing, massive, inspirational, huge, thought-provoking, humongous, fun, large……

It was a great, great pleasure to deliver my plenary talk yesterday – Digital Pedagogy.

Here is the .pdf of the Plenary: plenary lite

Here are the References for the plenary talk: Digital pedagogy – Handout

Today I did my Keynote on Blending print and digital – here is the .pdf: blending print and digital

It was GREAT to be on the panel with Emma Navarrete discussing the future, chaired by the inimitable Michael Carrier

Heartfelt thanks to the lovely team at Richmond for sponsoring this unforgettable experience

I would write more pero tengo que irme a la noche Mexicana – tequila is calling….

English Day – a great day in Augsburg

Awaiting the plenary from Dr David Crystal Augsburg by night

The training day at the VHS in Augsburg last weekend (1st July ) was a great event.

I thoroughly enjoyed giving my sessions on Mobile learning using Smartphones and tablets in the morning, and Apps in the afternoon. I attended an interesting session on the Flipped Classroom, enjoyed the talk by Dr David Crystal delivered across the Internet, and  participated in the panel discussion on the Future of English (or should that be Englishes?). The whole day was rounded off by a magic magician and wild street shenanigans in downtown Augsburg.

Here is a .pdf version of the PPT from my morning workshop on Mobile learning:

mobile learning lite

Here is a .pdf version of the PPT equivalent of my Keynote afternoon workshop on Apps:

Apps – lite

A great day!