English Teachers’ Day, Luxembourg

I really enjoyed coming back to Luxemburg many (many!) years after staying here as a callow youth (when I dimly recall an auberge de jeunesse…). Thanks to all the teachers who attended the keynote talk. This is the place to pick up the various Handouts as follows:

A 14-page .pdf (lite) version of the PPT


The references and useful websites (2-pages)


The Framework (1-page) for setting up Blended courses

A checklist for successfully implementing Blended Learning

Congratulations to the organisers and a special ‘thank-you’ to OUP for sponsoring this Keynote and the workshop which followed. Enjoy!

ELT Ireland – Handout and .pdf of PPT

What a fantastic weekend! I really enjoyed going over to Dublin to deliver a workshop on my latest book as co-author –  Best Practices for Blended Learning!

As promised, here’s copy of the Framework to enable schools to plan out a Blended Course:


Here’s an 11-page .pdf of the PowerPoint presentation

Best practices for Blended Learning-lite

Thanks to everyone who came on the day and thanks to Pavilion for sponsoring me.


Flipped Phonetics

Video lectures as a means of improving the teaching/ learning of phonetics at a Moroccan university

“Flipped Phonetics” is an innovative method we adopted in teaching introductory phonetics, a component of a Semester 4 linguistics module- Introduction to Linguistics- offered to undergraduate students of the Department of English at the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences- Mohammed V University in Rabat, Morocco.

So begins the latest Case Study on Blended Learning. Many thanks to Karim Bensoukas for this fascinating contribution.

To download your free .pdf, please visit:


Great memories of the conference in Morocco where I met Karim, the ​MATE Laayoune 1st International ELT Conference.


IATEFL presentation follow-up: which is the most popular LMS?

Participants were given this definition of Blended Learning: a combination of traditional face-to-face classroom teaching and web-based learning. They were asked the following question:

Which learning platform do you use for the web-based delivery?

Find out what the data showed. Download a one-page .pdf with the results:

IATEFL – data follow up

Any surprises? We were amazed at the range of different platforms being used. And pleased, as this variance is another justification for writing our new book!

To buy the book, visit:

Pavilion website


Forum on the future of the ELT Profession in Colombia 2017: plenary handout

Quite an amazing experience – working alongside true professional Andy Cowle to deliver a joint plenary at this key conference. Unique photos above show a blended selfie…. participants holding up a white piece of paper if they use interactive whiteboards in their teaching contexts…the dynamic duo in action (aka the gruesome twosome) …and finally – the kit I had at home! Facebook stream, Twitter stream and two computers logged into Cisco WebEx…

Huge thanks – especially to Richmond and the British Council…to everyone who came, and, of course, to Andy

Here is a 14-page .pdf of the plenary itself – Plenary talk – lite

Forum on the Future of the ELT profession in Colombia

Confession one: I haven’t posted in a while. Excuse: I’ve been teaching on the pre-sessionals at Warwick University

Confession two: I’ve been to Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela……but I haven’t been to Colombia!

That’s about to change….as a Spanish speaker, you can imagine how much I’m looking forward to the following event later this month – The Forum on the Future of the ELT profession.

For more details of this exciting event, zap over to the following website: http://www.thefutureelt.com/

If you are going, I’ll see you there! Many thanks to Richmond for sponsoring this visit……

LABCI Conference – Mexico City


What can I say about this incredible conference that hasn’t been said before?

Amazing, massive, inspirational, huge, thought-provoking, humongous, fun, large……

It was a great, great pleasure to deliver my plenary talk yesterday – Digital Pedagogy.

Here is the .pdf of the Plenary: plenary lite

Here are the References for the plenary talk: Digital pedagogy – Handout

Today I did my Keynote on Blending print and digital – here is the .pdf: blending print and digital

It was GREAT to be on the panel with Emma Navarrete discussing the future, chaired by the inimitable Michael Carrier

Heartfelt thanks to the lovely team at Richmond for sponsoring this unforgettable experience

I would write more pero tengo que irme a la noche Mexicana – tequila is calling….