Review of Best Practices for Blended Learning – EL Gazette

HUGE thanks to Wayne Trotman, reviewer extraordinaire’ for his recent review just published in the EL Gazette

Blending in
Wayne Trotman reviews a book outlining a sensible approach to blended or ‘flipped’ learning


“Implementing a BL course requires a framework and a platform, and the two chapters covering this area are perhaps the most enlightening in the whole book.”

“The authors have done superbly well to reduce what might appear to be a complicated area to one that even IT dunderheads such as myself could appreciate with ease.”

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BAG conference – Villigst, Germany

It was great to attend and contribute to the BAG ((Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Englisch an Gesamtschulen) conference last week. Met some great teachers!

My session on Thursday was about Digital Literacies and creativity.

Here’s a picture of the Symbaloo link-sharing page I created for the Friday workshop:

Here’s the Padlet wall the workshop participants made afterwards as a way of capturing and reporting back on their achievements created on the day.

Fabulous venue and great food! Hugely stimulating….I even enjoyed learning more about the AR feature on Snapchat! 

IATEFL presentation follow-up: which is the most popular LMS?

Participants were given this definition of Blended Learning: a combination of traditional face-to-face classroom teaching and web-based learning. They were asked the following question:

Which learning platform do you use for the web-based delivery?

Find out what the data showed. Download a one-page .pdf with the results:

IATEFL – data follow up

Any surprises? We were amazed at the range of different platforms being used. And pleased, as this variance is another justification for writing our new book!

To buy the book, visit:

Pavilion website


Best Practices for Blended Learning – online resources

Delighted to say that there is now a great range of online support materials available to accompany our latest book Best Practices for Blended Learning on the ETp website. You can find:

a glossary of terms

Appendix one – Tools for creating new materials

Appendix two – Building your own platform

Case Study from Mexico

10 practical ideas

Just visit:

IATEFL Conference – LT SIG Pre-conference event

Really delighted to join Shaun Wilden in opening (and closing) the day.

Focussing on Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), it promises to be a fantastic event!

Here’s the line-up:

The potential for VR and AR in the language classroom – Sarah Rogerson

Gaining a new perspective: the future of VR in Teacher Training and Materials Development – Paul Driver

AR for language training – Tushar Sharma (Blippar)

Back to the future: From Virtual worlds to Virtual Reality – Heike Philp

The reality of VR – Johnathan Dykes

Integrating VR to EFL teaching – Raquel Ribeiro

Wow! I cannot wait….

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