15th Congreso Latinoamericano de la Ensenanza de idiomas

Centro de Idiomas Universidad del Pacifico

Thanks to all the teachers who attended my webinar last Saturday (30th October).

Click here for a .pdf version of the PPT

Click here for Handout with References / websites

I really enjoyed this event and look forward to answering any questions which arrive vis email.

Thanks to everyone at Macmillan for sponsoring this event and to Jocelyn and Felipe for their excellent support on the day!

Good luck everyone and happy teaching!

Britanico Online Conference 2021

Into the future:
what will the ‘new normal’ look like?

What a fantastic experience it was this afternoon. It was a great pleasure and a honour to be invited to deliver the opening plenary at this online conference to so many motivated teachers.

You can download a ‘lite’ version of my PPT here – saved as a a 20-page .pdf

You can download the one-page References and links page here:


Happy to answer any questions sent over by Carmen.

Huge thanks to the organisers and to Ricardo and everyone at OUP, who sponsored my attendance.

Suerte a todos.

May the next pisco sour be IRL (in real life) and not Virtual! Pete

National ELT Conference – Colombia

It was really great presenting at the National ELT conference “The Power of Vision and the future of ELT”, Colombia, earlier today.

Here are my References:

Here is an 9-page .pdf of my PPT


Many thanks to Macmillan for sponsoring my talk. Many thanks to Fabian for being a superb compere. And finally, many thanks to the attendees and for all your kind comments in the chat. I’ll be sending an email to Fabian answering the question about assessment which I didn’t answer in the live event.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Cultura Inglesa Colloquium 2021

Thanks to Cultura Inglesa for the invitation to deliver an online plenary at their virtual conference. It was an amazing experience and really took me forward – researching ‘hybrid’ learning….

Source: http://www.pixabay.com

You can find the 10-page .pdf of my PPT here:


You can find a selective list of References here:


You can find a one-page list of Questions from the Chat with answers here:


Huge thanks to all the Colloquium organisers and to Macmillan Brazil for making this possible. Obrigado.

Virtual Blended Learning: Making it real! ELTAI

It was a great pleasure to deliver this Webinar (08 / 11 / 2020)

Click here for the PPT saved as a pdf and the Handout with References and Further reading!

Looking forward to reading the Chat text with details of the various platforms used by participants.

Good luck to everyone and stay safe! Hope to see in face-to-face, in real life, one day…….

Moving online

Like all of us, I’m thinking of the changes we are currently experiencing in these challenging times. One thing I’m doing is marshalling my thoughts and focussing my efforts on helping teachers and institutions moving online.

Here is a Webinar I’m running for SIETAR:

Moving online – An overview for trainers, teachers, coaches and consultants

The pandemic we are living through has led to unprecedented changes, not least for teachers, trainers,  coaches and consultants having to swiftly change to working online, at least temporarily.

The steep learning curve involved can be challenging. This webinar is designed to support SIETAR practitioners moving into online working and provide a forum for collaboration and ideas exchange. Moving online aims to address some of the concerns and problems arising from the current situation and includes:
· key similarities and differences between f2f and online delivery
· platforms and tools for online work
· examples of best practice in online delivery.

The presenter will answer a number of questions and concerns from attendees, including those submitted beforehand and those arising during the webinar. Participant ideas and suggestions will be collated and sent out in a post-webinar document.

Chapter – Virtual Reality in Language Teaching

Delighted that Digital Innovations and Research in Language Learning (IATEFL / LT SIG) is imminent. Within its hallowed pages nestles my contribution – the chapter entitled: Virtual Reality in English Language Teaching.

The chapter explores the potential uses of Virtual Reality using HMDs (head-mounted displays) in language teaching. It focuses on low, mid and high-end VR devices: Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear and HTC Vive. The chapter is research-driven and takes two approaches. Firstly, it summarises the results of a number of online searches which attempt to identify the literature and research in this area. Secondly, it reports on the results of two small-scale questionnaires for students and teacher to establish their knowledge, experience and attitude towards VR in language teaching and learning.

Workshops on Blended Learning for ELTA Rhine and ELTAS

It was really rewarding to run the workshops in Cologne and Stuttgart over the weekend. Great participants, catching up with wonderful colleagues who I hadn’t seen for ages and revisiting Germany.

Here is a 12-page .pdf version of the PPT on Blended Learning

Blended Learning-lite

…and here is a 14-page .pdf version of the PPT with Practical ideas

Practical ideas-lite

so….what’s happening? I’ve transferred the information from the Post-it notes (Cologne) and the flipcharts to create on page .pdf which gives a fascinating insight into what ELTA Rhine and ELTAS workshop attendees are doing right now in the area of Blended Learner. Here’s the .pdf:

Blended Learning platforms

Many thanks to everyone who made these events possible….good luck blending and I hope to see you again soon………………