Workshops on Blended Learning for ELTA Rhine and ELTAS

It was really rewarding to run the workshops in Cologne and Stuttgart over the weekend. Great participants, catching up with wonderful colleagues who I hadn’t seen for ages and revisiting Germany.

Here is a 12-page .pdf version of the PPT on Blended Learning

Blended Learning-lite

…and here is a 14-page .pdf version of the PPT with Practical ideas

Practical ideas-lite

so….what’s happening? I’ve transferred the information from the Post-it notes (Cologne) and the flipcharts to create on page .pdf which gives a fascinating insight into what ELTA Rhine and ELTAS workshop attendees are doing right now in the area of Blended Learner. Here’s the .pdf:

Blended Learning platforms

Many thanks to everyone who made these events possible….good luck blending and I hope to see you again soon………………

English Teachers’ Day, Luxembourg

I really enjoyed coming back to Luxemburg many (many!) years after staying here as a callow youth (when I dimly recall an auberge de jeunesse…). Thanks to all the teachers who attended the keynote talk. This is the place to pick up the various Handouts as follows:

A 14-page .pdf (lite) version of the PPT


The references and useful websites (2-pages)


The Framework (1-page) for setting up Blended courses

A checklist for successfully implementing Blended Learning

Congratulations to the organisers and a special ‘thank-you’ to OUP for sponsoring this Keynote and the workshop which followed. Enjoy!

Beijing, China – March 2019

I really enjoyed my trip to Beijing earlier this month, for Warwick University. This was one of the spectacular buildings on the campus where I was working.

This next was probably my favourite building due to the amazing changing light around it!

I really enjoyed the teaching which was interspersed with some unbelievable meals!

I cannot wait to meet the students again next month for a lesson on reviewing vocabulary.


ELT Ireland – Handout and .pdf of PPT

What a fantastic weekend! I really enjoyed going over to Dublin to deliver a workshop on my latest book as co-author –  Best Practices for Blended Learning!

As promised, here’s copy of the Framework to enable schools to plan out a Blended Course:


Here’s an 11-page .pdf of the PowerPoint presentation

Best practices for Blended Learning-lite

Thanks to everyone who came on the day and thanks to Pavilion for sponsoring me.


Flipped Phonetics

Video lectures as a means of improving the teaching/ learning of phonetics at a Moroccan university

“Flipped Phonetics” is an innovative method we adopted in teaching introductory phonetics, a component of a Semester 4 linguistics module- Introduction to Linguistics- offered to undergraduate students of the Department of English at the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences- Mohammed V University in Rabat, Morocco.

So begins the latest Case Study on Blended Learning. Many thanks to Karim Bensoukas for this fascinating contribution.

To download your free .pdf, please visit:

Great memories of the conference in Morocco where I met Karim, the ​MATE Laayoune 1st International ELT Conference.