Moving online

Like all of us, I’m thinking of the changes we are currently experiencing in these challenging times. One thing I’m doing is marshalling my thoughts and focussing my efforts on helping teachers and institutions moving online.

Here is a Webinar I’m running for SIETAR:

Moving online – An overview for trainers, teachers, coaches and consultants

The pandemic we are living through has led to unprecedented changes, not least for teachers, trainers,  coaches and consultants having to swiftly change to working online, at least temporarily.

The steep learning curve involved can be challenging. This webinar is designed to support SIETAR practitioners moving into online working and provide a forum for collaboration and ideas exchange. Moving online aims to address some of the concerns and problems arising from the current situation and includes:
· key similarities and differences between f2f and online delivery
· platforms and tools for online work
· examples of best practice in online delivery.

The presenter will answer a number of questions and concerns from attendees, including those submitted beforehand and those arising during the webinar. Participant ideas and suggestions will be collated and sent out in a post-webinar document.

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