Plenary at Nile TESOL

It was an amazing experience to deliver the plenary session this morning at NileTESOL, Cairo. I think it was the biggest audience that I’ve ever had the privilege to address – 2,500 expected, no idea if there were that many people there but the second tier (balcony) was starting to fill up…

Thanks to the many people who came up at the end with many a kind word….

Please find below a .pdf version of the PPT

Plenary talk-lite

(I’ll post the references later in the week)

Thanks also to the attendees at my workshop

again, please find below:

Workshop worksheet

Workshop template

this includes a code with a free copy of the eBook ‘Apptivities for Business English’ – if you’re quick (it only lasts till the end of the month)

Workshop task

this has some ideas for when you get back to your school or home

I’m looking forward to going back the conference venue tomorrow….


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